Does poison ivy have a boyfriend?

They're best friends, Harley was obsessed with Joker for years, poison ivy is engaged to Kite Man. Poison Ivy, aka Pamela Iseley, came from an abusive home. His father beat his mother every night until one night he killed her, hiding the body in the garden. He was later arrested for his murder.

Poison Ivy had a pretty normal life after that. Until college, where I met Dr. Jason Woodrue, who would later be known as the Floronic Man. He seduced her, convincing her to be a human test subject.

In the end, she ended up in the hospital for six months, clinging to life, after being injected with a deadly plant-based poison, which would eventually cause her physiology to dramatically transform. While in the hospital, Dr. Jason Woodrue fled the authorities. The performance of Poison Ivy in recent years in DC Comics has been a source of absolute fascination for Bleeding Cool.

At one point, there was a movement of, let's call them, the progressive side, for Poison Ivy to be portrayed as a queer superhero who sometimes goes too far. An intelligent scientist whose work with pheromones can do humanity a lot of good. She is in a non-monogamous relationship with her partner Harley Quinn, and they also do each other a lot of good. Maybe I'll moderate Poison Ivy's most terrorist streaks.

And try to be a better person. In the comic book related to Injustice 2, one year after the fall of the Regime, Poison Ivy joins Ra's al Ghul and his team in order to create a better world for The Green. It is later revealed that Mongul deceived Poison Ivy and intended to conquer Earth using Superman as a ship. In Heroes in Crisis, at the mental health institution Sanctuary, Poison Ivy is seen giving a confession stating that she shouldn't be there because they're made for heroes and she's a terrorist.

In Batman All-Star's Ends of the Earth arc, Poison Ivy delves into Death Valley, where she investigates a barren tree to discover cures. While most of Batman's villains act selfishly and psychotically for good from evil, Poison Ivy fights for the good of plants. With the help of Harley Quinn, Batman and Catwoman convince Poison Ivy to free the world from her control. Poison Ivy met to serve on the jury alongside the impostor Mad Hatter, the Scarecrow, the Scarecrow, Signalman, and Mr.

A much younger version of Poison Ivy appears in The Batman from season three onwards with the voice of Piera Coppola. They were still friends in Arkham or when they had escaped, even though Poison Ivy and Joker despised each other. Soon after, Poison Ivy appears briefly in Robinson Park, killing two corrupt cops who killed one of her orphans (although it is unknown if this occurs before or after the aforementioned story). In the story of Damage's Unnatural Disaster, Poison Ivy has fallen under the influence of forces that led to the desire to destroy humanity.

Harley called Poison Ivy after leaving Gotham asking if she wanted to have a girls' night out and they ended up busting all the animals at the local animal shelter. In most of these video games, Poison Ivy doesn't fight Batman directly and usually looks in the background while Batman fights one of his plant monsters. In the Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Source Code story, Poison Ivy infiltrates and tries to wipe out Terracare, a company whose fertilizers contain a secret ingredient destructive to bee populations. The origin of Poison Ivy is represented in Neil Gaiman's story Pavane, during which she declares herself a daughter of nature and the legitimate ruler of the world; it is later revealed that she was, in fact, endowed by the environmental force known as the Green.

Poison Ivy is represented as a tempting seductress who is fully aware of her beauty and will use her to get what she wants, helped by the pheromones that her unique biology provides her. .